Thursday, August 11, 2011

Professional Literature

I have really enjoyed reading professional literature lately. I enjoy learning as much as I can to make myself a better teacher and to help my students as much as possible. I know I am SO behind on this, but last year I was just introduced to "the sisters" by doing a book study on the CAFE book. Today I attended a professional development about how to incorporate the CAFE into your classroom and I will be using the CAFE this year! I'm excited to see how it works!I haven't read The Daily 5 yet, but I really want to! I hope to get to a bookstore this weekend to buy it. I've seen on so many teaching blogs the book "The Book Whisperer". I bought it and LOVE it! I am only through Chapter 4, but I've already learned so much that I want to use in my class!

If you use the CAFE or Daily 5 and want to leave tips or suggestions, I would be GLAD to hear them! I hope to put the final touches on my classroom SOON and will be blogging them soon!


  1. Daily 5 is a super easy and quick read! I read it in a day and half. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE The Book Whisperer

  2. I just starting using Daily 5 last year. Use Daily 5 in manageable pieces. It will feel overwhelming at first. Just don't take on more than you think you can handle, that's when mine kind of lost effectiveness. Good luck!