Saturday, December 10, 2011

Poetry Sharing

On Thursday we started our poetry unit! I love to teach poetry. So far we have only learned about name acrostic poems and diamante poems. On Friday I let students share their name acrostics while we drank hot chocolate! The kids loved it! I usually plan a few activities throughout the year where we drink hot chocolate. The good news is that we have enough leftover to do it at least one more time!
Swimmy the fish is doing just fine now that we bought a heater and a thermometer! He is finally swimming around and eating! The kids love him!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Read aloud & literature circles

In Social Studies we just finished studying the American Revolution and we learned about the events leading up to it, the major battles, and how minorities played a part on the revolution. To coincide, we started reading The Secret Soldier, the story of Deborah Sampson, a woman who disguised herself as a man and fought in the war. We will finish the story on Monday.

I highly recommend this book! The kids are so interested in it. We usually read 2 chapters and then do literature circles. Each group gets question cards to read & discuss with their groups. Then, we share aloud.

The photo above is 2 Christmas ornaments that my students created at home using their net that I gave them! I thought the one on the right was so creative! And yes, that little cutie in the green picture frame is my son, Easton. He is my pride & joy!

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