Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I learned quickly after I began teaching, you constantly have to make adjustments in your instruction, schedule, etc. This year I have had a hard time fitting in small groups during my independent reading block because I have a couple student going through the SIP (Student Intervention Plan) process and that is when I've been doing my interventions, documentation, and probes (almost on a daily basis). After a meeting today and sharing my frustrations and concerns, I now have time to do small groups. So tonight I re-arranged my small groups since I've had 3 new students join and I changed my small group schedule. I group my students by ability in five groups and meet with them once weekly.

I'm so glad to fit this back in my schedule. Sometimes I feel like while working extra with one student or a small group, I am neglecting my other students. I am also thankful to have administrators that are open to listen to our concerns and frustrations! It really is a blessing!

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