Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Come and gone

Well Valentine's Day has come and gone. My class was excited to pass out Valentine's cards and have a little snack during independent reading when we read our cards. One student brought me flowers. It made my day!

We had some sugar filled goodies and chips.

My "son" (AKA father-in-law) was so thoughtful and sent me beautiful flowers from Easton. Again, made my day!

And my Secret Pal did pretty good, too! Professionally, it has probably been one of the most intense, stressful weeks in my teaching career. There are so many, many needs in my classroom and new students coming in that fall in that category and IEP meetings and no planning and after school meetings, needing and wanting to speak up and be an advocate for my students, even if it means stepping on a few toes, etc. Obviously my Secret Pal knows me well and for Valentine's Day, she got my red velvet cake and an 8 pack of Coke Zero. I may or may not have dove right in to the cake!

I think it's important for us as teachers to not only share the wonderful things we are doing in our rooms, but also keep it real when it comes to weeks like what I described earlier. I hope it doesn't come off as complaining, but more that I'm trying to "keep it real" and acknowledge that things aren't always perfect!


  1. I absolutely love it that you want to keep it real! We all have tough days, weeks, and even months, and sometimes it is so relieving to see that we are not the only ones!

    I found your blog through a comment on The Love Of Teaching, and I can't wait to follow you! Such great ideas!


  2. Oops- I meant to say I found your comment on the blog The ART of Learning!