Saturday, February 4, 2012

Glue, glue, and more glue

I teach in an area where most of my students have a low socioeconomic status. In teacher terms? They barely have any materials and most parents won't send any more. Now, I do have a few wonderful parents and grandparents that will send materials if we need them, like tissues, Germ-X, etc. But most of my students are running out of glue, pencils, erasers, etc. We even made a list in our Family Message Journals (which parents read and respond to) that said "Materials I need for school". One out of twenty one responded. Nice. We use LOTS of glue with notebooking and my class goes through erasers like there's no tomorrow. Off to the Dollar Tree I went.

It's not that I can't afford to buy these things, it's the principle of it. Most families own all the latest gaming systems but can't afford to buy their child necessary school supplies. Priorities, people. Anyone else deal with this?!?! Off my soap box now!

We started raising money for Pennies for Patients and I have been so proud of how much spare change my class has brought in. It doesn't officially start until Monday and we've already got a container full. Maybe our class will raise the most money! What a great cause!


  1. I'm up on the soap box with you....we have parents who say they have not money for our school gets donors to buys gifts for the families and then the kids come back to school with brand new PSP systems...crazy...or I have one student who has terrible and I mean terrible is said...her mom sends notes in all the time but daily the poor child smells of cigarettes...It's so sad and gross. I agree...priorities people!!!

    What a great cause and lesson for your kids to learn..I hope you guys raise the most:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Totally agree!! I have parents who say they can't afford to send their kids with anything to school; yet the kids come to school wearing Baby Phat, Apple Bottom Jeans, etc, and tell me that they can't play outside because their parents don't want them to get dirty!!! PRIORITIES parents!! Although I LOVE my job and my kids, I am sick and tired of providing the essentials to my kids in order for them to succeed!! It is a crying shame that the parents just don't put education at the forefront anymore :-(

    Good luck on your fundraiser :-D

  3. I just found your blog through your post at One Extra Degree. We've had Lester Laminack at our school before, as well. I've had the pleasure of seeing him at the Title I Conference in Gatlinburg several times...and he is my FB friend. Love his books! I'm your newest follower! Drop by when you get a chance!

    The Teacher's Chatterbox