Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lots of COLOR!!

This teacher is absolutely LOVING Spring Break!  Lots of FUN with family and friends!  I had to take a minute and share some of the fun I am having!!  I ran my second 5K in Nashville this weekend!  I ran in the Color Run in Columbia about a month ago and ran in Nashville last weekend!  Nashville was way more crowded with about 15,000 people!
Luckily, we were the first group out and we were at the front of the line!  Who says teachers don't have fun outside of school?  All of us red, white, and blue tutu wearing girls are teachers!  Here's our BEFORE...
And AFTER...
We had a BLAST at the fun festival after party and were in the front row!  Woohoo!  We may or may not have danced to Gangnam Style, One Direction, and made a Harlem Shake video!  Hahaha!  None of these are things I'd ever do, but hey, you gotta let loose every once in a while and when you are at the Happiest 5K in the World, what are you gonna do?!  

LOVING Spring Break, friends!

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