Monday, June 10, 2013

Wish List

During the last few weeks of school, we got an email from our assistant principal to be thinking about what we would want to include on a wish list for next year.  

I really tried to make a list of items that I *knew* I would use and that wasn't too expensive.  I thought I'd share my list with you!  First, I ordered more USA Studies Weekly magazines.  I got these for the first time last year.  I plan to utilize them more next year in 5th grade!  
We have an AWESOME vocabulary series, but the vocabulary workbooks (called Writer's Logs) were not ordered again this year so I added it to my wish list.

My new partner teacher uses this real world math set often in her classroom and really likes it so I thought it would be a good addition, too!
I found this History 6 book set, which covers several of our standards.  It's always good when you can integrate Literature into Social Studies.
All of the other items I included were materials that we use all the time in my classroom! Construction paper, of course...
Seems like you can never have enough glue! 
I have dry erase boards for every student, but I am always lacking dry erase markers.  Hopefully these will be ordered! :)
I am going to try using tape in our notebooks this year.  The teacher I am joining in 5th grade uses tape and likes it so I am giving it a try!

Last year on my wish list, I ordered book pouches for every student.  At a school I visited, I saw that she had hers hanging underneath her Smart Board using these hooks.  What a great use of what otherwise would be wasted space!
Each Monday we send home a weekly newsletter and I like to copy mine on colored paper.  They seem to stand out a little more than every other copy.  I love this bright paper from Office Depot so I requested a bright blue and bright yellow.   

What would you include on a classroom wish list? 


  1. You put some great things on your list! I am ALWAYS out of dry erase markers and glue!

  2. I am glad to hear you like the weekly social studies newspaper. I ordered it for my 4th grade social studies class this year. Seems like social studies is that class that gets overlooked a lot, so I'm hoping this will be the motivation I need.

    Have a great summer.