Monday, March 3, 2014

Letter Bb - BEARS

Last week we finished our letter Bb for bears! I found these letter Bb puzzles online. They were good to see how the letter Bb is formed.
I also really liked this bear coloring page. For a non-reader, it was easy to see what color the bear should be - except for white and grey. Of course, the word "white" couldn't be in the color white since you wouldn't be able to see it. That confused E - the color it was written in was gray so naturally, he thought that two bears were supposed to be gray.
Even though this printable from Confessions of a Homeschooler uses butterfly for the letter Bb, we still used it to find letter Bb's.
We also worked on some basic bear addition! Note to self - work on writing numbers ... I had to help him with all of these.
Our last activity was too difficult so we made our own rules! At first, I called out #s for E to put a dot on. He got frustrated easily because there were lots of numbers he didn't know (20+). So we took turns calling out #s that he knew and then just put dots on the rest!

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