Saturday, May 9, 2015

STEM Challenge

Last week we finished our monthly STEM challenge. My students LOVE these. They are from Smart Chick Teaching Resources on TPT.
This months challenge was to choose the liquid that will dissolve a peep in the fastest amount of time. We chose 5 liquids. We used water, hydrogen peroxide, Sprite, apple juice, and canola oil. Most of my students thought that hydrogen peroxide would dissolve a peep in the shortest time. 
We let them sit for 6 days and made daily observations during that time. We discovered that water dissolved the peep the fastest in the shortest amount of time. Here are pictures of our results. The first picture is the peep that was in water.

We actually had some mold growing the apple juice container. 

These monthly challenges have been so fun to do as part of our morning routine once a month!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

May Currently

Happy Saturday! It is a beautiful day here! We've spent our weekend at the ball field with a game last night and a game this morning. I love our baseball weekends! So much fun!
I'm glad to join in on the May Currently series with Farley!
Listening: My husband and son are wrestling in the living room. They love it, but I cringe watching them.
Loving: 14 days of school left! Eeekkk! I have a writing training for 3 days of the last week of school so I actually have 11 days.
Thinking: Housework, housework, housework
Wanting: It's a beautiful day here! I bought some chicken, veggies, skewers, and hamburger patties for us to grill out later.
Needing: I'm working on a list of mentor texts that I'll use next year. So many to buy!
Summer: Yes-definitely going to Fripp and can't wait! Hope-Definitely hope to visit the Grand Canyon, pending my Mom's graduation. Dream-I'd love to hit my lifetime goal with Weight Watchers and maintain it!
Happy Saturday, friends!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Five for Friday {May 1st}

It's Friday and we are one week closer to summer! As much as I love teaching, I am ready to enjoy summer. We have 14 days left with students! Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday linky party.
I got the BEST news this week!! I accepted a job at my dream school for next year! Praise the Lord! A couple months ago my son was accepted into a local Christian school. With this, I knew I would be leaving my current job. I knew there would be no way that I could get him to his school and be at my school on time. It was logistically impossible. So, I made the decision to leave my current teaching position at the end of this year. Bittersweet, but I knew in my heart it was the right choice for Easton and I've had no second thoughts.
During the touring and application process, I submitted my application to teach there. I just prayed that if God wanted me to teach there, he would help me. I had such a peace that if he did, it would work out. If he didn't, I'd help out in Easton's classroom as much as I could. I had two interviews and a mock lesson that went really well. I received a call this week and I was offered a contract for next year!! I'll be teaching 5th grade ELA and I could not be more EXCITED! God is so good!!
This week we began our monthly STEM challenge. This is from Smart Chick Teaching Resources. We LOVE these challenges!
The question is, "Can your group choose the liquid that will dissolve the peep in the fastest amount of time?" We are using canola oil, hydrogen peroxide, apple juice, Sprite, and water.
Out of 25 students, 21 thought that hydrogen peroxide would dissolve a peep in the shortest amount of time. 2 thought Sprite and 2 thought Canola oil. We shall see!
This week we have Book Fair so I purchased a few books to add to my classroom library. I'd never read any of them, but heard good things about them all. I just finished Rules today and LOVED it. I'll be reading Wonder next. 
I also just signed up this week to attend a Scholastic warehouse book sale. I hope it's good! Has anyone attended one before?
#5 is simple - We have 14 days of school left! Woohoo! :) Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Five for Friday {Apri 25}

Three months have passed since I last posted. Where does the time go?! Five for Friday is the perfect way to catch you all up on things that have been happening. 
Since October 2014, I've been working hard to lose weight and become healthier. This week marked a huge week of my weight loss journey. I have lost 40.2 pounds!
This week I had a second interview and a mock lesson at the school I am praying to teach at next year. I should know something by the end of next week. I felt like my interview went really well!
We have 19 days of school left! We started a countdown paper chain. In the past few weeks we have finished testing. Our first grade friends (buddy classroom for testing) gave us testing treats each day. This past week we had Field Day and two field trips. 
We are reading the novel "Summer of the Monkeys" by Wilson Rawls. The students have LOVED it so far! We are halfway through. I'd never heard of it until this year.  
I picked up a few classics at Target today in the $1 spot. "The Secret Garden" was a favorite of mine growing up! I also picked up a few picture books that would make nice end of the year gifts.  
I hope to share more soon! 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

I was recently contacted by a representative from Quill about reviewing a product. I was more than HAPPY to do so because I have actually ordered through Quill before (I purchased colored paper for classroom newsletters) and had a good experience with them.
They were so kind to let me pick out an item and I chose this AWESOME easel! It's the Best-Rite Double Sided Easel. It is double sided and has tubs, which I love for storage.
I love how both sides can be used. One side has a wire book rack and a book ledge, which I LOVE. The book rack and ledge would be perfect for displaying the book to be read aloud that day or for storing other materials!
The other side is a full dry erase board, which is spacious and useful!
My FAVORITE thing about this easel is that it really makes use of the space, which is so helpful to teachers. We have so many things to store! Between the two boards, there is a shelf where you can store items. I envision this as a perfect area to store manipulatives or various items needed for a lesson at a classroom rug. 
There are 4 baskets at the bottom, making use of that space as well. It also came with two flip chart hooks, which you can see I have temporarily placed inside a basket.
We did have a little bit of trouble getting a few holes lined up, but we were able to fix that easily. Other than that, it put together nicely.
I am SO EXCITED about this easel and so THANKFUL to Quill for sending it to me! They were super easy to work with while I was choosing an item and definitely efficient with shipping it. It will be a perfect addition to my classroom!!
Click HERE to go to Quill's website to see what all they offer!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

That's a Wrap for 2014!

Well folks, that is a wrap for 2014 with our kiddos! One of mine thought today was the last day of school. Not yet, friend. Here are a few things we did together this week.

On Monday we read the book "Prancer" as a read aloud. Students took notes about the book to compare to the movie, which we watched the following day. They also took notes during the movie and then discussed similarities and differences. 

Today we filled out a graphic organizer to organize our thoughts for our Santa letter. The organizer included: ways you've been good/bad, things you want for yourself, things you want for your family, and things you want for the world. 

This little fellow said he was sick last year at Christmas so all he really wanted was for no one to be sick. Bless his sweet heart. He really does have a heart of GOLD.

This friend is pretty upset about her cat who has cancer so she wants for her cat to get better for Christmas. Bless her heart. It is hard to lose a pet. 
Today we also had Christmas craft rotations! My classes made Christmas tree ornaments. They turned out pretty cute if you ask me! One stuck a pipe cleaner and made me a Tennessee Vols ornament. 
The best present I got (besides the buses getting here early!) was this sweet card. This is a student who wrote me a card at the beginning of the year and I wrote her one back that mentioned how great of a writer she is, how much I appreciated her effort, etc. She told me later how much that card meant to her. This card made my day. Her mom (also a teacher at my school) also wrote on the card and told me how much her daughter felt encouraged and believed in by me. MELT MY HEART. Best.Gift.Ever.
Merry Christmas, friends!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Five for Friday

Happy Saturday, friends! Even though Doodle Bugs Teaching is taking a little mini vacation, I still wanted to share 5 things from my week with you! 
A local high school reached out to our fifth grade team asking if we would partner with their Advanced Acting class. We shared a student's writing with them and they came and acted it out. Little did we know that we teachers were also acting! We didn't know anything about it, but it was really neat and so much fun! I was so proud that the student's writing was one of my homeroom students!
Yesterday we had a school-wide Polar Express/pajama day. It was so much fun! We started the day with the performance mentioned above. Then we made Christmas foam ornaments, had lunch, watched The Polar Express, and just enjoyed a fun day. AND...we had a visit from the conductor of The Polar Express!

Another fun activity we did was our December STEM challenge which was to make snow! It was really neat and the kids LOVED it.
We finished and assessed our novel, "Which Way to the Wild West". In the back of the novel there is a section called, "What Ever Happened To...?". We picked one person from that section and wrote letters to them. 
One more week, friends! We have lots of fun things coming up next week. We are reading the book "Prancer" and watching the movie to compare. We have our Christmas party and we have one full day of Christmas craft rotations! This will be my motto for next week!