Sunday, June 30, 2013

Good Deal on Books

One of the best ways to add books to your classroom library is to look at yard sales during the Spring and Summer!  Before I became a teacher, I bought tons of books at yard sales and at Goodwill.  I have lots of books to use if I ever become a teacher of little ones.  
This weekend I went to a yard sale and scored lots of books!  33 to be exact.  I got several Jan Brett books....
Several Social Studies related books...
Several Science related books...
Lots of holiday related books... (even upper elementary grades still love reading holiday books!)
And a random assortment of books that I couldn't pass up!
I also got several books for my 3 year old.  He loves elephants so the two elephant books were great.  The underwater alphabet book is super cute.  And the Kindergarten books will be perfect to use later when it's closer to time for him to go to Kindergarten!  

Saturday, June 29, 2013

July Currently

Y'all, it makes me sad to think it's already (well, almost!) July!  How in the world did that happen?!  My summer vacation is going by too quick!  Time to link up with Farley's July Currently!
Listening:  Silence because it's 10:30 and everyone is asleep except me.  
Loving:  Very Jane!  I have just signed up and started buying on there and I am loving it!  3 orders waiting to arrive and I can't wait!  
Thinking: I hope my 3 year feels better tomorrow.  After being a grumpy little man at his cousin's birthday party, I realized when we got home he has a fever.  :(  Makes my heart sad when he feels bad.
Wanting:  While we are in Tennessee for the week, I really want to see friends of mine and spend time with family while we can!
Needing:  REST....I think that's part of my little man being sick.  Seriously, since summer started we have:  Spent 4 days at the beach (about 7 hours driving), rested for 3 days, had company stay at our house for 2 days, went back to the beach for 6 days (no naps and spent about 6-7 hours driving), stayed at our house for 1 day before coming to TN (8 hours driving, 16 total when we go back next week), and went to a birthday party tonight.  I think it is just wearing us down physically and mentally!  It's been SO much fun, but I think it's taking a toll on my little man.  
Tips/Tricks/Hints:  Look at yard sales this summer for books!  Before I became a teacher, I bought tons of books at yard sales and Goodwill!  I cannot wait to show y'all the books I got today at a yard sale of a teacher and daycare owner!  Big time score!  

Friday, June 28, 2013

Fun Finds

While I've been out shopping here and there, I've picked up a couple of fun finds for my classroom and thought I'd share some with you.  Honestly, I can't seem to go anywhere without finding something that I could use in my classroom!  As one of my friends told me, "You are ALWAYS a teacher and in teacher mode".  It's true.  

Target's dollar spot is always a favorite!  I found these cute to-do lists and lead pencils.  I picked up one of each for myself and one of each for my secret pal that I participate in at school each year.  I thought it'd be a cute and fun first week gift!
While shopping at Barnes and Noble, I've picked up the following books related to Social Studies.  Thanks to Brandee for the recommendations!  

While shopping at Toys-R-Us for my niece's birthday, I found this super cute owl bag for only $6.99.  Although I don't do anything in my classroom with owls, it was too cute to pass up.  It worked out great as a beach bag, but could be a cute teacher bag!
My favorite find of the summer are these chevron pillows from Hobby Lobby!  They were 80% off and will be perfect for my classroom.  Good luck finding any...they went super fast!  I also have a set of turquoise ones! Yay!

Have you found any good classroom finds lately?  

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bloglovin' Linky

I wanted to share a linky with you guys that I found last night, which is from Tori's Teacher Tips.  

She is having a Bloglovin' Linky where you link up with your Bloglovin' account so that people can easily click to find you there and follow you!  I just joined in and hope to find even more great blogs to follow there!  

You can click HERE to go to my Bloglovin' page or you can click the button on the side!  

I promise I will be back with some great teacher posts, but for now I am really enjoying my time at the beach!!  We've seen some cool things like a horseshoe crab....
And some sand dollars that had been washed up and were ready to leave the beach...
Time to hit the beach friends!  

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Made It

Good morning from the beach, friends!  Since my little one is sleeping late, I have time to link up to Tara's Monday Made It!  :)  

This week my time was spent printing, cutting, and laminating!  First, I printed off this free Happy Birthday set from The Resource(ful) Room!  What a great freebie!  I always buy a poster every year for birthday, but this will be even better.  
Next I started searching for 5th Grade Common Core "I Can" statements and found this set on Teacher's Pay Teachers. I purchased the Math and ELA set and cut, printed, and laminated those as well.  
It doesn't look like much, but I am glad to have it finished (my hands were killing me by the end!).  Now, time to get ready for the beach!  :)  

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blog Lovin'

Just like many of you, with the doom of Google Reader, I am beginning to use Bloglovin' to keep up with all of my favorite blogs! I would love for all of you to follow me there so we won't lose track of each other! :) I have a button over to the right for you to easily click on to follow me there! 

 This will I'll be blogging from the beautiful Fripp Island!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Organizing Social Studies Binders

A few weeks ago, I shared the binder covers I created on Monday Made It!  Click here for that post if you wanted to see the others I created.  I am going to link up with Optimum Organization to share this idea!

A big goal of mine this summer is to study my Social Studies standards.  As you know, I'm moving from 4th to 5th grade so I have all new standards to learn and new materials to gather!  I decided to use four binders for Social Studies: 

1) Reconstruction, Westward Expansion, and the United States as a World Power 
2) World War I, Roaring 20's, The Great Depression
3) World War II, Cold War
4) Collapse of Soviet Union - The U.S. Today
The teacher who left gave me lots of papers that she used during the time she taught so my main goal was to get those papers organized once my binders were set up.  To start with, I used orange paper and typed up the overall theme/topic, along with a short version of the standards.  Next, I place the actual state standard so that I would have easy access to it.  After the orange paper and the standards, I placed any materials I have for that topic.  I repeated this several times in each binder, as I have several topics in each.  The orange paper makes it easy to separate topics in the binder, as you can see below.

If you're like me, you need a visual so I took pictures of the binder I'll use first.  We start with Reconstruction so on the orange paper, I typed the topic and a short version of the standards, followed by the actual standards on the next page.  Behind that is everything I have on Reconstruction: papers, tests, website lists, etc.
Right after Reconstruction in that same binder, I have another orange sheet for the next topic, Westward Expansion, with a short version of the standards and then the actual standards so I can see them quickly and easily.  After that, I have anything relating to Westward Expansion.
Again, in the same binder after Westward Expansion, I have the last orange sheet, United States as a World Power.  Same thing: topics under that standard, the actual standards, and then everything I have on that topic. 
I made orange sheets, followed by the standards and the materials I have for each binder.  I still have a lot to add to the binders as far as curriculum resources, but I am happy that my binders are set up and organized!  I debated using file folders for each specific standard, but binder organization has worked well for me.  I love my binders, so I am continuing that method of organization!  

Now, time to start brushing up on the history and finding more materials to add to my binders!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Made It {sharks!}

Today I am linking with up Tara for Monday Made It!  I love getting ideas from everyone who links up with this series.  Since I was at the beach last week, {take me back, please!} I didn't have a lot of time to work on projects.
While I was at the beach, I bought a shark (see last post for details) and shark teeth. I thought it would be neat to have some way to display them without the kids touching them or better yet, stealing them!  So, I made this little display to put beside the shark!

This week I plan on working on my Social Studies binders for next year, organizing all of my new materials!  Time to get organized!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Five for Friday {on a Saturday!}

Well, I haven't posted for almost an entire week, but I have a good reason why...I've been at the beach!  Although most of this is personal, I still wanted to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday {on a Saturday}!  

1)  My mom, my son, and I decided to take a short vacation to the beach!  We went to Myrtle Beach and had a GREAT time!  The beach is SO relaxing and is my happy place!  Waking up at home with laundry to do isn't nearly as fun as waking up to the sound of the ocean waves!  
2) While at the beach, we ate some of the BEST seafood I've ever had!  I highly recommend Bennett's Calabash and Giant Crab if you are ever in Myrtle Beach!  They were sooooooo good!

3)  I bought this cute beach hat!  It is so not me, but I thought it was cute and thanks to my Instagram buddies advice, I decided to go for it!  Sometimes you just gotta branch out, right?!  

4) I can't go to the beach without hitting up cute beach shops, like Eagles!  I love shopping at beach shops!  I got a couple of t-shirts for me and my son and a cute workout top for me!  

5) What is it about teachers that we never stop thinking about school and things for our classrooms?!  While shopping at Eagles, I saw these sharks for sale and thought about how much my students love it!  I debated it, but I am glad that I bought it!  Kinda gross, but still neat!  I have a Monday Made It post coming that relates to sharks!  Stay tuned!

My son was convinced that he just had to have this alligator!  Eeekk!  I bought it, but am thinking it may just have to make it to school with me!  
Alright, it's time to get back to reality 'cause this laundry ain't washing itself!  #wishiwasbackatthebeach

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Made It

I have always enjoyed Tara's link up, Monday Made It!  I have always gotten so many ideas from them.  I've got lots to work on this summer with me moving up to 5th grade!
My first goal was to set up binder covers for my new binders that will hold all new 5th grade materials!  This may not seem like a lot for all you tech-savvy teachers out there, but I am completely new to making things like this.  I made new covers for all of my Social Studies binders! 
I also made two for Reading/English Language Arts. 
And two for my teacher binder (which is currently at school) and one to hold my lesson plans!
Now that I have cute binder covers, it's time to start filling them up with 5th grade materials!

Wish List

During the last few weeks of school, we got an email from our assistant principal to be thinking about what we would want to include on a wish list for next year.  

I really tried to make a list of items that I *knew* I would use and that wasn't too expensive.  I thought I'd share my list with you!  First, I ordered more USA Studies Weekly magazines.  I got these for the first time last year.  I plan to utilize them more next year in 5th grade!  
We have an AWESOME vocabulary series, but the vocabulary workbooks (called Writer's Logs) were not ordered again this year so I added it to my wish list.

My new partner teacher uses this real world math set often in her classroom and really likes it so I thought it would be a good addition, too!
I found this History 6 book set, which covers several of our standards.  It's always good when you can integrate Literature into Social Studies.
All of the other items I included were materials that we use all the time in my classroom! Construction paper, of course...
Seems like you can never have enough glue! 
I have dry erase boards for every student, but I am always lacking dry erase markers.  Hopefully these will be ordered! :)
I am going to try using tape in our notebooks this year.  The teacher I am joining in 5th grade uses tape and likes it so I am giving it a try!

Last year on my wish list, I ordered book pouches for every student.  At a school I visited, I saw that she had hers hanging underneath her Smart Board using these hooks.  What a great use of what otherwise would be wasted space!
Each Monday we send home a weekly newsletter and I like to copy mine on colored paper.  They seem to stand out a little more than every other copy.  I love this bright paper from Office Depot so I requested a bright blue and bright yellow.   

What would you include on a classroom wish list?